February 16, 2010

Hot Spots

Has anyone had problems with 'hot spots' with their pooches? Otherwise known as Summer Sores.

Hot spots can be caused by fleas, mosquito bites, ear infections, and usually affects dogs of the heavy-coated variety. Alas, that includes my Darcy. Labradors are commonly affected due to their double-layered coats. Also dogs with a history of allegies will be prone to hot spots. Darcy suffered from Puppy Strangles as a puppy, which is an immune disorder, and this in turn causes allergies. I am happy to say that aside from the annual hot spot, he has no other problems in this area at all now. I suspect his hot spots are the result of a mozzie bite combined with his thick fur.

As soon as we discover one (and they are usually around the hear or neck area), we give the area a shave. We have a special cream also which we use to treat him. Your vet will need to prescibe this.

Just when we think the sore is nearly healed, Darcy goes and gives it a good scratching and it delays the recovery yet again. I am interested in anyone elses experiences with hot spots. Please leave a comment and share your stories/remedies with me...

January 25, 2010


Isn't this the most handsome face you could ever see??

January 24, 2010

Heartbreaking Stories...

It broke my heart this week to hear about the abuse of a dogged called 'Boof', in Mareeba.

See story here: http://www.cairns.com.au/article/2010/01/14/87505_local-news.html

I just can't comprehend the callousness and cold-heartedness within a human being. How sick these individuals must be. On the odd occassion that I have stood on my dog's tail or paw (by accident), I am distressed to think I may have caused him pain. There is no way on earth I could inflict brutal and torturous acts on Darcy, and hear him howling in pain, such is my love for our pet. How can they do it? This abuse is such an act of betrayal. The ironic thing is, a dog of Boof's size and ability could have easily attacked his owner, defended himself, but of course a dog would never attack it's master, even to save it's life.

I have to be careful what I allow myself to see on the news and internet. The internet is full of animal abuse stories if you wish to see one. For me, it is something I try to avoid. I remember when little Buckley was found. He had had his ears and tail cut off. I was tortured by images of his dear little face for days, even weeks. Every night before I would go to sleep I would imagine the pain he must have felt. It really rocked my world, and I would literally cry. To my horror I discovered that cutting ears off dogs is quite a common thing in some parts of this world... some people like the look this produces and do it for their own twisted and perverse pleasure. Sometimes I think I must live under a rock, because I am 40 something, and was blissfully unaware of these acts of cruelty.

To be honest, I just can't cope with it. I don't know what is happening to me as I get older, but I am haunted by these types of stories. It breaks my heart. Our boy Darcy is so loving and loyal... he lives for us. Most dogs are the same as him. They depend on you and look to you with unconditional love. How can man betray that? All I can answer that with is they must be so tortured inside their own hearts. They must have had lots of abuse inflicted on themselves during crucial times in their own lives. They must be full of pent-up anger and hatred and therefore take it out on their defenseless pet.

I am glad that Boof was rescued in time. I hope and pray that he goes to a worthy new home, and that the rest of his life is lived out in love and respect. Sadly, Boof is one of the few 'lucky' ones who is rescued in time.

Darcy, you don't know how good you have it Boy!

January 14, 2010

One of my favourite photos...

Savouring the ocean breeze at dusk... quietly reflecting.

aaahhh, it's a dog's life!

January 13, 2010

Ella Bay and Coquette Point...

(Click to enlarge photos, esp the last 2... cute!)
Swimming at Ella Bay ~ probably his favourite place.

At Coquette point... Darcy is wondering how to leave his mark on that stick whilst treading water, lol.

Here, he is doing his Bo Derek impersonation... oohhh! what a sexy boy he is :P Actually, he was with his Dad (my husband), saw me, and came running to his Mummy. He is a Mummy's boy for sure! lol.

Darcy is a water boy. He l.o.v.e.s. water! Crocodile infested waters don't deter him, neither does the hidden dangers of the ocean. We would be devastated if he became Charlie the croc's lunch, but there is just no keeping him out. Thankfully, he only goes in for a quick dip to cool off.

February 24, 2009

Time to cool off!

I am still posting photos of Darcy when he was a puppy... we don't have as many photos these days, until I buy a new camera that is. I guess puppies are like babies, you snap many more pictures of them then, as they grow so much so very quickly. Too quickly, actually!

We bought Darcy this pool whilst we were still living in Brisbane. On very hot days he would just sit in the pool, until he cooled off. He loved it! Somehow I don't think he would fit in one of these pools today ~ at least comfortably. Now, he loves to jump into rivers or waves when we take him for walks... he is, afterall, a water dog (or should I say baby!)

February 8, 2009

Darcy ~ King of the Kong!

When Darcy was a young whipper-snapper, he loved nothing more than to play with his Kong toy. We started off with the small one, then as he got a little bigger we bought him larger ones.

As anyone who has owned a lab knows, they get very bored, very quickly. And, as they teethe, they chew everything in sight! So, the kong was a welcome diversion... for 10 minutes at least.

As a treat, I would fill the kong with some beef mince. And Darcy loved it! He would keep at it, until he had devoured every last morsel of mince from the deep bowels of the kong. I am sure he wore himself out!! But, he loved, (and still loves, loves, loves) mince, so he never gave up, until he the kong was as clean as new...

As the photos show, you can see he was very sick at this time with the puppy strangles I mentioned in my last post. He was in fact, at his worst stage of it. Thankfully, that was many whiskers ago...